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About Magenta Trader

Magenta Trader is a powerful stock market visualization software that increases your probability of trading success. We succeed by using deep analysis and comprehensive searches of seasonal price movements and range trading trends. Don't get caught relying on technical indicators that use the same data in slightly different ways to predict price movements. Magenta Trader uses totally independent data by comparing the last six months with movements over the previous 20 years!

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  • Gold A - Web99 and Realtime
  • Gold B - Web99 and Magenta Charts
  • Gold C - Magenta Charts and Realtime
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Five(5) simple step process to supercharge your trading.

Derek Pilger, the founder of Magenta Trader will present a simple 5 step process to supercharge your trading, using common sense analysis made easy only with Magenta Trader:

  • What times of the year should I buy or sell a stock or option?
  • Does the stock price movements agree with seasonal patterns?
  • Do we have a strong price trend that looks set to continue?
  • Are we off the trend line in an overbought or oversold position?
  • Are the stock and the overall market moving in the expected direction right now?

"We did not invent cycle, trend, and range trading. The practice has been around for decades. Take a few minutes and you will see that by using current technology, we made the charts and information more clear."

Magenta Trader Software

Magenta Trader is Seasonal and Range Trading Software that simply works. It features the world's best 252 day seasonality and a world class search engine and calendar.

Launch Software


April 11, 2015:


The best software in the world is junk unless one knows how to use it properly. The founder Derek Pilger provides three weekly webinars for all the Magenta family. Three times a week he looks at active trades and makes Magenta predictions.



Magenta Trader is proud to have the coaches of Web99. They cover advanced techniques through Magenta, MACD and great searches to prepare you for the markets. The service is $99/month, and once you’ve listened to a Web99 Webinar, you’ll come back every week.


Training Videos

Upgrade your tradings skills with sample tutorial videos taught by Derek Pilger and his team at Magenta Trader.