Magenta Trader

Web99 - Includes everyone paying above the $50/Month and the Web99 Annual

  • The Data and Server $50/Month Fee doest not include Web99
  • The Beta Tester Free Trial of Web99 ends August 1, 2016
  • Derek Pilger will continue to open to all Webinars on Wednesday 8PM ET
  • Derek Pilger will join Web99 for the Sunday 8PM ET Webinars (Open to Web99 Only)
  • Web99 Derek will include emails and text messaging of recommended trades
  • Member Button is required to check current cell and email. (Must be Web99)
  • If you do not receive an email invite, go to the Magenta Calendar

If you are uncertain of your status please email or call 941 201-7680

Web99 - $99 / Month